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Clive Bar – Rainey St.

609 Davis Street, Austin, TX, United States
Call us anytime 512.524.1623
| Hours: M-Th 4pm-2am | F-Sun 2pm-2am

There’s a sexiness to Clive, masculinity with an earthy glow. If a space can be seductive, Clive is that space. Dark wood, leather, low light, and easy style. Friendly, of course. Mysterious, I’d say so.

It’s been a favorite for quite a while, and a place where relationships just sort of happen—friendships, lovers, marriages often start with a good drink, the right vibes, and a relaxed sexiness. Don’t take my word for it. Come spend some time with Clive, have a cocktail, shoot some darts, and judge for yourself.

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609 Davis Street, Austin, TX, United States

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